Welcome to my site!


My name is Clare and I work from my home studio in the picturesque village of Hemingford Grey in Cambridgeshire, UK.


My paintings are inspired by the deep, personal memories I have of exploring different landscapes, both near and far, and my emotional response to being in and traveling through such physically dramatic and diverse environments.

I work in layers -  building, scraping and scoring surfaces to expose the history of colour and surface I have laid down. I am led by what is revealed and work intuitively until I feel the piece  is complete.This process of laying colour down in a chance way is thrilling but also exasperating at times. Many hours and many layers of paint can either fly or die in front of my eyes. I'm often defeated and have to walk away. However when a painting does work it is a deeply satisfying feeling  - one that compels me to repeat the process again and again. 

I work on a number of different surfaces including canvas, panel and plexiglass as I enjoy exploring the range of contrasting marks that make working on each such a unique experience.

All my works are presented in simple wooden edge frames that have no backing board, glass or screws.

I have exhibited my work both nationally and internationally and I have been an active member of Cambridge Open Studios for over decade.I currently divide my time between my own studio practice , teaching Art and Design in central Cambridge and training other teachers working overseas.

I hope you enjoy my gallery.

All my work is for sale so do please contact me should you require more information.

Many thanks Clare